Another gem for realism in your track layout

Following on from my last post I got sent this:

“Add weeds!

If you’ve every stepped back and looked at your layout and wondered why it doesn’t look quite right – it’s usually weeds, or rather, the lack of them.

Look at any real railroad – and what do you see? Weeds every where.

They’re easy to make, any twine, string or carpet fibres can be painted and roughed up and easily places in the ballasting.
Try it! You’ll be surprised how it brings your railroad to life.”


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  1. As I model HOe I wondered if there was a N gauge version of this device?

  2. t okker

    dave thats all very well!but can you use it on DCC

  3. Ed Weldon

    RE: Weeds Weeds are easy. Cut up low, medium or high density foam into 1 inch chunks, chop them up in a food blender and die them shades of green. You can also die sawdust with a thin mixture of oil based paint thinned with mineral spirits. Spread out on paper towels to dry for a few days preferably outside where you live. Mixing green and yellow in various proportions will give you a realistic combination of weed colors.

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