Another reason to use simple railroad layouts…

…well it’s the same reason: they work!

If you’ve seen my earlier posts you’ll see I’m a fan of the simple layout. A railroad should look like scenery with some track in it – not the other way round.

So this caught my eye – and demonstrates the point well.

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  1. Ted Bojczuk

    Can you give me a layout for 4 x 6 ?? Thats all the room I seem to have. Thanks!! TED

  2. Very nice work. Manageable size lets you focus on the details, which are so nicely done!

  3. Very, very nice… I am trying to get my g’daughter interested and we have the CAT Construction Express train set… Can you tell me where you are getting all of your houses/cars/stuff for the larger train sets? I really enjoyed watching that entire thing… love it

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