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More layouts for your railroad

In one of my earlier posts I said I was a fan of simple layouts for good reason.

In fact, even my more complicated layouts are pretty simple. Here are some more I’ve used to good effect, even if they are a little less simple.

Why simple track plans are best

Give a child a train set and a table and the firs thing they’ll do is use as much as the table as possible. They’ll be track everywhere. Why? Becasue it’s fun – and that’s the whole point of model railroading.

But, as soon as you start adding scenery and losing hours of your life covered in paints and glue, you soon come to realize, simple tracks just work better.

There’s two simple reasons why. For realistic looking scenery, you have to leave space for it. And a realistic looking model railroad comes from scenery with a track in it, not a load of track with scenery crow-barred in to it.

Any how, here’s some simple ones I’ve used in the past: