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"Hope you enjoy my modelling tips"

My name’s Al.

I’m no spring chicken, but a few years ago I woke up one day and decided I wanted to pick back up model railroading. Little did I know back then, that so many others my age also get the itch to do so.

But rather than make mistakes on the way, I thought I’d plan a lot more this time, rather than just rush in to things.

I figure if you can your layout right, the scenery will follow okay.

So I started pottering with the scenery, creating houses, shops, embankments, walls, engine sheds – all made from paper.

Over the years, I put together quite a collection which I hope you’ll enjoy.

You just print them out, stick to card, and build ‘em up.

Here’s one of them:

They are easy to make – even though there are no instructions. Half the fun is making them how you want to (it’s very easy to scratch build with them, and create different shapes / effects).

What’s more, they all come with a 60 day, no quibble, money back guarantee.

Hope you like the blog.

Please do email me any tips or how tos!

Thanks for stopping by!



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  1. Hi all.Wow great tips.Glad you liked the flagmans tip.I have lots more idea’s.Aluminum pipes from food containers.But im glad to see an idea of mine make it to the net thanks lots.keep up the great work.Kim the canuk

  2. you are doing a good service Al, plenty of tips and advice given with your site

  3. thanks Al you have been a great help looking thru your site

  4. Good tips Al. My wife and I found out about the coffee one, we use it for ground cover in the rail yard, after making coffee and drying the grounds of course.
    A tip: furnace filter material when spray painted makes good tree foliage. Use several different shades of green for realism. The filter stuff can be glued onto twigs from your yard. Spray cans from the paint store work just fine. Do
    spray out doors.

  5. gregorystgermain


  6. Hi Al, this is great !!! The rage of models is super. The system to make it work for many different scales is excelent. Do you have an e-mail address? would like to go in touch with you.
    Regards, Peter

  7. Robert Montanye

    I reuse dried tea leaves as fall foliage flooring. Works the same as the coffee grounds, but better for fall-era layouts. I have some pictures if you need them, drop me an email.


  8. Model Railroading is fun I still use the old style track in HO Scale I do like scale model Trolleys and Streetcars and I wish there would be more over the counter ready to run stuff like old fashioned interurbans :lol:

  9. Robert Combs

    I have an old HO scale Union pacific freight train, that I’ve had since I was about 8 years old. Now Im 44 with a son of 10 and i think it would fun to get out the train and rebuild. Unfortunately, the locomotive is no longer working, the powersupply is also shot. I guess that is what happens over the years. I guess my question is where do I start. I would like to do some landscapeing so that i can use a tressel bridge that I have but never used.

  10. Dennis Davidson

    Hi Al,
    I really appreciate the information you send almost daily. I am an S Gauger and planning to expand my basic layout, so am reviewing all the tips that have been sent out as lesson’s learned to apply to my new layout.

    One thing though, you say you have added S & Z gauge to the Ebay cheater’s list, but every time I link to it they are not there. Has anyone else had this problem. I am in the US in the Seattle area.


  11. ed Clemensen

    Good to see an interest in train, I work in several different scales. I feel sorry for Mr. combs because the price of stuff has tripled, but I would say go with the basics A DC Athearn Locomotive and a DC Model Die casting power pack. then you can find if really have an interest with good stuff and go from there, or give it up. Also it is likely that his track isn’t what it should be. Start with a circle and a couple of straights from Atlas, The older companies, aw far as I’m concerned are still the best.

  12. Hey Al,
    Lots of great ideas, have a look at my Facebook page when you have a chance for my newest HO layout. Scenery and water effects are all acrylic products, i.e., caulking, Polycrylic gloss waterproofing and craft paints. By the way the craft/ hobby paints that were made for ceramics originally, i.e. Applebarrel, Creamcoat and Anitias all work on any surface that I have shown in detail on many posts. Have a look and let me know what you think.
    All the best,

  13. Wayne Hicks

    I’m like you Al. In and out of the hobby. Never got around to building a complete layout. Retired now, (73 years young) its time. Looking for information on building modular and old time streetcars like the old Pacific Electric.
    Good luck on your project. :grin:

  14. Are your paper structures O or HO scale?


  15. Neal Fowler

    Hi. Just wanted to let you know I get your emails and save all of them. Love them. I have a file I made just for them. Thank you.

  16. Have a lionel 671 steamer 1946. Can not get it running right. Which there was someplace to have someone look at it . Would love to get it running again.

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