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  1. gregorystgermain

    do you’r plans work for “HO” scale trains too? :?:

  2. I just built an addition on my home. I have designated an area about 15 feet long, and a depth of 3 feet, with three sections coming out 5-6 feet. Basically, the train area will be shaped like the letter E. This will be a totally new train setup to me. I am a real beginner, and probably bit off more than I expected…but this has been a dream of mine to create. I know I want “water” and bridges, tunnels and higher and lower height tracks, so two trains can pass each other. I have bought books for beginners, layout books and more. At this point I am a little overwhelmed! ANY suggestions, tips or ideas will be appreciated. Also if there is a book out there that will help…let me know. One other thing…I bought three train kits, all included transformers. Is there a guide on how I should wire them together? Or do I designate three separate tracks for each train?
    Thank in advance for any help. Kathy

    • Hi Kathy–
      I would have to know more, to give specific advice,i.e. Scale? Type of power, DC,AC Digital Conventional,etc..
      However, in general. Keep it simple. Finish a task completely before moving on. Don’t jury rig. Set up a test area to work on ideas before putting them on the layout. Make sure your track is perfect to avoid derailments. Have a method to test your equipment and track. Get all the guide books you can afford.
      Thanks CJB

  3. Would appreciate any layout ideas. Now my RR is a U shape, with entry into the open end. We’ve built a swinging gate to close the U so I have an oval for continuous running. Layout is in a shed about 8′x14′. Track along 3 walls, 2 mts. a lake, a river, 2 mines, 2 towns and a lakeside resort, a sawmill, a turntable. Center aisle is 3 feet wide. Work bench is 3′wide 2′ deep at one end of layout. There’s a 3′long straight track on the bench to test locos.The prototype is the layout.(grin) Shelves above on both sides have track and spare rolling stock on display. There’s a tv for entertainment while I play with the trains. It’s called the “Training Room”, I’m 74, in my 2nd
    childhood with the trains. Layout is 2 yrs. old.
    All locos are steam, time is 1900. No autos/trucks
    so don’t have paved roads. I’m a happy novice.

    • gregorystgermain

      can you use real water around track but yet water proof the train

  4. ryan beebie

    :shock: :grin: hey nnice ideas i just might look intoo these G thanks!!!

    • gregorystgermain

      do you know how to make track look like its a tram rail ?

  5. Johnnie D

    I look at that spaggettie bowl of track and ask WHY . I model Rock Island 1972-74 on a modest 12×46 space on two and a half levels with just over 400 feet of mainline .

  6. gregorystgermain


  7. gregorystgermain

    :razz: :razz: :razz: :razz:

  8. gregorystgermain

    the train handrails on my santafa train broke and need advice on where to fix it ive already used glue but it wont stay on :?: can any one help :!: :!: :?:

  9. builder kim

    gregorystgermain try using crazy glue.but becareful it will melt or stain the part if tomuch dab with a tissue paper to soak up any extra before it dries.

  10. alstair, love your web iste. thanks for all the tips. I changed my email, new one is above. add me to your updates. thanks. Br. John

  11. Hi I just wanted to say you did a great job on your layout and its a great thing to share it looks like it’s o gauge . I run o gauge Ac Voltage well please keep up the good work .

    • TheDesertRailRoader

      Does anybody Know what I should use for ballast? I have a desert themed layout with EZ track and a $50 scenery budget. I dont want to buy wodland scenics ballast because the layout is huge, and I want to make my own.

  12. Ron Stokes

    I love ‘N’ Gauge… can do more with less room. One trick I do is take the LARGE garden wood chips and spray paint them either flat gray or flat black. Piece them together as rock cliffs, add greenery in crevices.. Voila !

  13. Dave Spence

    I do enjoy your emails! Thanks and keep up the wonderful service.

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