My Favourite scenery tip

There’s always stuff around the house you can use for scenery. Stuff you woudln’t think of – but with a little imagination…

Ground coffee (after drying) makes good ballast (or add it to your cat litter to make it darker) and tea mixed with herbs makes great ground cover.

Or, believe it or not, just regular dirt (scooped up from outside) sprinkled down on to wet glue works a treat.

I mostly model in HO so it ‘fits’ – but you can pretty much do these three in any scale size.

It looks great a saves a fortune on your railroad layout.


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  1. Gene "Hat" Hatfield

    One of the Vets here made a model of an old fashion beer cart. Horse & buggy (covered wagon) days and he wanted it on a road. Being in the 1800′s it had to be a dirt road. We used Dry Coffee Grounds to make a dirt road for it. To add more to it, we put wheel tracks in & made it look like a muddy road. Scale is about O scale. Here in the Nortwest we have a lot of Evergreen trees & I have found that the tips of the limbs look just like the real tree. By spray painting them with a clear polyurethane the needles stay none. Blue Spruce makes HO scale from small trees to larger. Pine makes really great Red Woods. I am sure this has been used before, but I have not seen it on any of the tips I have read so far.

    Thank You for all the tips you post. We disable vets need all the help we can get & you site is one we refer to most. Thanks again.

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