Model buildings that you print out and make

Print out building for model railroad layoutThis is just one of the houses you can print out, stick to card, and then fold together. Have a look at the others here.

They are really easy to make – fun too.

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  1. Hal Prittie

    My comment is: what a great idea for guys who cannot afford the very expensive “laser cut” kits. I am going to try one this weekend. Thanks, Hal

  2. This is a great idea for someone who just wants to throw a build together. :grin:

  3. Laurie

    quite a interesting site

  4. Tom Forest

    :razz: wonderful idea !

  5. What scale are the buildings? I have been an NMRA life member since 1960 :?:

  6. Bishop

    :?: what kind of paper works best for these print outs? these are awesome, they would be perfect for distant and forced perspective look scenes!

    • Larry Wilson

      I use a card stock to print them out on,u don’t need to glue paper to the card stock of course if u want the walls thicker you’ll need standard printing paper to do the job.larry

  7. great idea waiting for more, I have 14 on my layout now. working on a factory, double wide startling over a spur looks good. ty

  8. my son is building a house how do I print it out in N SCALE

  9. Ed Weldon

    Blick Taskboard or similar cheaper imitators is lately getting some chat in other forums as a basic structure material. Easy to cut especially for rough mockups of structures that are still on your modeling schedule or wish list. But they also can be used as structural backing for the printed structures. Assemble with Aleene’s tacky glue on sale this week (1/23/16) at Michaels $1.89 for the 5 oz squeeze bottle. One problem I have is the colors that come out on printed structures will be unique to your printer and may not be a good match to your other structures. Also the windows as printed look a lot different from structures built from more traditional methods. Most of the available printed structure files are small town and railroad structures.
    What we need for this class of structures is window frame-mullion patterns that can be printed on transparency film like the windows furnished with the die cut cardboard structure kits of 60 years ago. Ed Weldon

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