‘Ebay cheat sheet’ – save a fortune

Had loads more comments through on the ‘ebay cheat sheet‘. Thanks to everyone. I update it as often as I can. It’s here.

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  1. Ron Tingley

    :mrgreen: I found your cheat sheet to be very helpful for making quick E-Bay searches. I am requesting that you add ON30 to the list. Same structures as O different locos and rolling stock. I like the speed of your setup as opposed to doing independent searches. Thanks Ron

  2. David Dewey

    What, no listing for S gauge? It’s gotta be bigger then 00!
    S’ forever!
    David Dewey

  3. Frau Buhler

    Good job, thank you for sharing your time! Could you add “G” scale to your listings please? Tanks! -Frau Buhler

  4. THANK YOU — THANK YOU!!! I’m an N scale train person, but ‘all’ scale bus collector as well. Drove them for many years and always looking for things to add to my bus collection. Found an O scale Trailways station that is perfect for my collection by using your ‘Ebay cheat sheet’. Great work!
    Thank you again!!!

  5. smitty

    GREAT!!! could you add a listing for “passenger” in all gauges. thks

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