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That loco wheel cleaning post…

Whoa! Stop the press – Jeff mailed me this about my previous post on wheel cleaning:

“If you apply a drop of atf (automatic transmission fluid) to the wheels of all of your rolling stock you eventially will never have to clean them again. Same applies to your track. This works on all gauges. I haven’t cleaned my layout in years.
This was featured in Model Railroader Magazine a couple of months ago.”

Now that’s a great tip!

David’s railroad loco wheel cleaner

Here’s Dave, the expert modeller in the UK, demonstrating his loco wheel cleaner.

(You should see his rail layout in his loft – it’s amazing).

Another gem for realism in your track layout

Following on from my last post I got sent this:

“Add weeds!

If you’ve every stepped back and looked at your layout and wondered why it doesn’t look quite right – it’s usually weeds, or rather, the lack of them.

Look at any real railroad – and what do you see? Weeds every where.

They’re easy to make, any twine, string or carpet fibres can be painted and roughed up and easily places in the ballasting.
Try it! You’ll be surprised how it brings your railroad to life.”


Great tip to add realism to a railroad layout

“Shiny buildings and pristine cars are not realistic in a railroad layout. I would seek to weather my vehicles, trains, engines, etc. a light dulling touch with an airbrush to tone down the ‘sheen’. Airbrush the engines and cars to make them look like they have been on the road. This adds a lot of realism to a layout scenery for a very little work.”


More on making foam mountains for your railroad

Take a look at this youtube – it’s where the original pics come from the ‘foam mountains’ tutorial.

I love it!