‘Ebay cheat sheet’ – save a fortune

Had loads more comments through on the ‘ebay cheat sheet‘. Thanks to everyone. I update it as often as I can. It’s here.

Model buildings that you print out and make

Print out building for model railroad layoutThis is just one of the houses you can print out, stick to card, and then fold together. Have a look at the others here.

They are really easy to make – fun too.

Print out model railroad scenery

I’ve been tinkering with this printout scenery which I’m quite pleased with.

You just print the template out, glue the tabs and you’re done.

The grain elevator goes with well the silo and storage shed.

Have a look here.

Superb Flag Man’s fencing tip for your railroad

“Here’s an ideal useing those flag’s the flagmen use on the roads.Get old ones or new and cut them in strips.Their the same color and braid as the fence we use in real life here in canada.And can be for Ho.Or paint them with aluminum paint and wam metal fencing.Use silver wielding wire for fence posts.”


Even more on loco and track cleaning – every layout will benefit from this…

Paul responded to the previous to posts with this! It’s genius.

“While this appears to be a panacea to wheel cleaning it also scratches the wheels and that leads to future build up of more gunk. Using a Q-tip with isoproply alcohol is best.”

Nice one Paul!