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My favourite model so far! I love the weathering and detail on this one. Of course I'm biased but there are very few layouts that this wouldn't look good on.

It's the same as all the others - just print out, stick to card, and fold together. This one's a bit tricky because of the overhang - but that's half the fun :-) Here's what it looks like when you print it out.

After buying, you'll be taken to a download page. You can print this file and get going! Don't forget to download it to your computer. Every design fits on to A4 (210x297mm) paper.

The higher the quality (or ‘dpi’) the crisper the image will print.

There are no instructions - but anyone can do them!

Just stick the paper to a bit of card, cut the template out and glue the tabs together. All the designs can be resized to the scale you need:

If you are modelling in HO all these OO designs can easily be resized by reducing the print percentage. Secure checkout through Clickbank. Here's the screen you'll see at checkout:

Or click here to download and buy

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